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What Brow service is best for you?

With the crazy increase of brow services in the past few years its pretty common to be confused about what service will suit you and your brows the best. Today I am going to go through the temporary services. I won’t be touching on the semi-permanent treatments such as microblading, ombre or powder brows as I am not certified in these services!

Brow Tint

This is the OG brow treatment. Typically, it is paired with a wax to shape the brow and the tint to define them. The tint itself is mixed with a developer then applied with a small brush to the brows in the determined shape. This treatment tints the hair only and lasts 6-8 weeks depending on a few different personal factors.

Brow Henna

Henna is a good service for those looking to add fullness as well as a tint to their brows. The henna is all natural and it tints the skin for 2-14 days and the brow hair for 6-8 weeks. This differs from the brow tint in formulation and the fact that it also tints the skin. The length of time that the tint lasts on the skin is determined by your skin type as well as the products that you use to cleanse & treat the surrounding area.

Brow Lamination

Lamination is one of the newest services on the market and I was lucky to have some down time during Isolation to train in this service! The brow Lamination is basically a perm for your brows. It allows us to correct the direction of hair growth and get a more uniform look to the brow. This is perfect for achieving the perfect fluffy brow. Typically, this is paired with a tint & a wax to complete the look. I recommend the lamination for the clients who have a fuller/fluffier brow for best results.

Brow Wax

What can I say about the good old brow wax? The service it self is pretty simple! We start with a pre-wax ointment to remove the oils from the skin to gain more traction for the wax to adhere to. We use a wax that is specially formulated for facial waxing. Once the wax is complete we use a second ointment to clean up all of the wax itself and a post-wax cooling gel to soothe the skin after the waxing service. A wax is a great pairing for any brow service! And I promise, its so quick it barely hurts.

If you're ever unsure of what service is best for you & your lifestyle fee free to shoot me a message and we can go over them together as well!


Owner, Emerald Beauty Company

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