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Hydrojelly Masks - What they are & What they can do for you!

These face masks are the epitome of Insta worthy. The hydrojelly mask was created by Esthemax and it is absolutely revolutionary. The mask comes in powder form and once it is mixed with water it is activated and turns into a liquid jelly that you can apply. After 15-20 minutes the jelly solidifies and can be removed leaving little to no residue. The solidifying of the mask creates a vacuum seal to push the masks beneficial ingredients into your skin.

*Pro Tip: Apply your favorite serum prior to your mask application to amplify the benefits. This will push the serum deeper into your pores and give better results.

These masks are amazing in more ways than I can name but then comes the hard part; choosing which mask to take home! I am going to go in depth on each mask and its beneficial ingredients so that it takes the guessing away. I will also highlight which masks are best to target certain skin care concerns below!

  1. Antioxidant Goji - $44.00+tx

Skin Type: suitable for all skin types, dry, mature & sun damaged

Ingredients: This mask is formulated with organic goji berries and organic pomegranate powder.

Targets: This mask is high in antioxidants and vitamin C. This promotes even complexion, increases the collagen productions, plumps and hydrates. This is the bestseller mask for so many reasons!

2. Brightening Complex - $44.00+tx

Skin Type: suitable for all skin types, sun damaged, hyper-pigmentation, sun/age spots, discoloration and melasma.

Ingredients: This mask is made up of organic lemon powder which is packed full of Vitamin C. It is also formulated with gluthathiane which is a powerful antioxidant.

Targets: This mask reduces pigmentation, lightens the complexion, limits the overproduction of melanin and gives the skin a brighter more luminous complexion.

3. Egyptian Rose - $44.00+tx

Skin Type: suitable for all skin types, sun damaged & uneven complexions.

Ingredients: Formulated with rose petals which contain Vitamin C and organic rose buds.

Targets: This face mask is perfect for anyone. It hydrates & firms the skin while adding suppleness and reducing fine lines & wrinkles. The mask is also an anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial product that also reduces hyper pigmentation and age/sun spots.

4. Hyaluronic Acid - $44.00+tx

Skin Type: suitable for all skin types, dry or dehydrated skin, mature skin and sensitive skin.

Ingredients: This mask is the moisture that you need in your life. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid serum and aloe vera for the ultimate hydration combo.

Targets: This mask will help with superior moisture retention, restores and preserves moisture, promotes collagen synthesis and makes the skin feel more firm.

5. Intensive Aftercare - $44.00+tx

Skin Types: blemishes, acne-prone, swelling, acts as an anti-inflammatory, suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: This mask is formulated with grape seed extract, pineapple stem and lavender for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Targets: This mask soothes skin and reduces redness from acne or other skin concerns. It speeds up the healing process while reducing the swelling and pain from acne.

6. Pure Himalayan White Tea - $44.00+tx

Skin Type: suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin, acne-prone, blemished or visible pores.

Ingredients: This mask is formulated with organic white tea powder as well as organic flaxseed.

Targets: This mask detoxifies and minimizes skin irritation from acne, blemishes and rashes. While reducing inflammation and redness the mask also regulates sebum production and reduces the look of open pores.

7. Purifying Active Charcoal - $44.00+tx

Skin Type: acne-prone, sensitive skin, excessive blackheads, oily skin, blemishes, in-grown hairs and redness.

Ingredients: This mask is formulated with organic active charcoal powder as well as tea tree and peppermint oil. These ingredients are perfect for their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Targets: Reduces the look of visible pores, clarifies the skin and ingredients dissolve pore clogging impurities. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredients reduce swelling and inflammation while controlling oils and reducing breakouts.

8. Supergreen Strength -$44.00+tx

Skin Types: suitable for all skin types, anti-ageing, oily skin and darn under eye circles.

Ingredients: This is the skincare equivalent of a green smoothie formulated with organic kale, spirulina and Spanish leaf.

Targets: This mask will restore the skin pH balance while balancing the H20 production in dehydrated skin. It also reduces the look of dark under eye area and is rich with micro-nutrients.

9. Luminous 24k Gold - $44.00+tx

Skin Type: suitable for all skin types, dullness, anti-ageing, mature skin, sun damages and large pores.

Ingredients: This mask is the Rolls Royce of skin care. It is formulated with Ovine (sheep) placenta which is know for its healing properties; and you cant forget the 24k gold powder as well!

Targets: This mask is beneficial for so many skin concerns. It targets acne spots, hyper-pigmentation and sun damaged skin reducing the look of these concerns with its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also perfect for those looking for anti-ageing benefits as it re-textures and repairs skin damage and reduces visible signs of ageing. The gold powder activates basal cells which can increase the skins elasticity which also reduces dryness and improves blood circulation. These super ingredients also protect against environmental aggressors such as air pollutants and strengthen the skins barrier that helps protect against pollutants & free-radicals. All of these benefits and a glowing radiant complexion are all packed into this one mask.

Thats it folks! These are all of the amazing Hydrojelly masks that are avaliable for you to use at home! As always if you are unsure about which to choose to get your desired results, send me a message!

xox- Christina

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