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Beauty by Zero Skincare Review

A few months ago I received some products from @beautybyzero_ca through Influenster. I have been testing these products for a while to give you my honest opinion!

First off lets go over what this company is all about, because honestly it is pretty amazing. Zero Skin academy is 100% natural skincare. They are plant based, vegan, cruelty free and sustainably packaged. The line consists of 6 products. I have received 3 to review for you!

Zero by skin academy Face Wash: This is super gentle and would be perfect for those with sensitive skin. It was very basic, no extra fragrances or anything like that. I used it a few times as my second cleanser as it was gently enough for that! I would repurchase but it is not something that I need in my routine if that makes sense!

Zero by Skin Academy Day Cream - I looove the packaging but I am not keen on its contents. The day cream is very thick and didnt do alot to help my skin either. Again, this may be a better product for more sensitive skin as the appreciation for natural, sensitive products is there. Too thick for me with not enough results. It's a pass.

Zero by Skin academy Night Cream - Similar gorg packaging to the day cream but this stuff I actually enjoy. It is thicker but doesn't feel too heavy on my skin and I find it sinks in better than the day cream. again, no fragrances so this would be perfect for sensitive skin types. I am very excited to have this product on hand for the dry cold months to see how it helps my skin hold up! I would repurchase this guy for sure!

Those are my thoughts on this new line in a nutshell. As i have said a few times, you for sure want to check this out if you have sensitive skin. It is available for purchase through @shoppersdrugmart@shoppersbeauty . Let me know if you check it out!

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