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what is realm of repair?

step into a repair-allel universe with this value set of the kure bond repair shampoo and conditioner, the kure intense bond repair mask, and the wizard silicone-free detangling primer.

who it's for

all hair types 1-4c

why it's special

supercharge your strands with this four-step routine.

  • the kure bond repair shampoo: a bond repair shampoo that gently cleanses, while resulting in 7x more repair* hair after one use.
  • the kure bond repair conditioner: a moisturizing bond repair conditioner that results in 7x more repair* hair after one use.
  • the kure intense bond repair mask: ultra-rich, reparative mask that is clinically proven to result in hair that is 3.2x stronger.**
  • the wizard silicone-free detangling primer: a silicone-free, lightweight primer that reduces frizz, protects against up to 450° f heat,*** and detangles all hair types.

*clinically tested, compared to control when shampoo and conditioner are used as a system.

**clinically tested, after one use.

***clinically tested.

Amika - Realm of Repair Strength & Repair Set

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