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It’s Sunday morning. You’re napping on the couch. The warm smell of banana nut bread is drifting through the house. But you aren’t baking—it’s Beamer Candle Company’s Bomb Ass Banana Nut Bread candle from our new Smoke Killer Collection. The Smoke Killer line of candles contain odor-killing enzymes that absorb household odors, eliminating them rather than masking them as other candles do. The candle is a 12oz soy blend wax candle with a lead-free wick that comes in a reusable glass mason jar. With a 90 hour burn time, this candle will be improving the odor in your house for a while. Enjoy!

Other Details

  •  Enjoy the warm full scent of banana nut bread
  •  Candle contains odor-killing enzymes that absorb and eliminate household odors
  •  Soy blend wax candle with a 90-hour burn time
  •  12 ounces
  •  Reusable glass mason jar with metal lid

Beamer Candle Co - Bomb Ass Banana Nut Bread

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